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DIY Ideas for Home Interiors Using Plywood

Ply Story Plywood

DIY Ideas for Home Interiors Using Plywood

Plywood is a versatile and affordable material that’s perfect for DIY home interior projects.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Wall Art: Paint or stain a sheet of plywood and hang it as a simple statement piece. You can also create geometric shapes, and stencils, or use wood-burning techniques for more personalization.
  2. Side Table: Build a simple side table with basic cuts and joinery. Add hairpin legs or pre-made furniture casters for an industrial touch.
  3. Floating Shelves: Cut the plywood into desired shelf lengths and mount them directly to the wall using heavy-duty brackets or a French cleat system.
  4. Planter Boxes: Create geometric planters for indoor plants or herbs. Line them with plastic before adding soil.
  5. Magazine Holder: Design a wall-mounted magazine holder with compartments for different reading materials.

But all of the above is step 2. Step 1 is to invest in good quality plywood. Invest in Ply Story to craft memories that’ll last you a lifetime.

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