Ply Story

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“Stays Anchored For Life”

The fact that our marine grade plywood withstands exposure to water & humidity is just the tip of the iceberg. This crème de la crème wood comes with insane flexural strength. Much like water, it takes the shape of the solution the situation demands. Be it climate/weather fluctuations or harmful sea water infestation, its uniform thickness with minimal core gaps makes it impenetrable. Be it kitchens, ship flooring, boat-building, bulkhead paneling, lining for refrigerated ships & cooling towers, our premium BWP plywood is the epitome of durability.


“Speaking of Superhit Films”

At Ply Story, we offer bespoke solutions to various consumer profiles – Construction, Automobile & Engineering industries. Our film face shuttering plywood lends itself to each one of these industries. This boiling waterproof plywood is highly compressed & made with the finest Birch wood core. These attributes coupled with its ability to withstand heavy construction load & resist vibrations makes it every contractor’s #1 choice.


“Block Viruses and Fungus”

Once we handpick the finest quality seasoned Meghalaya pinewood for you, we subject it to antifungal preservatives making it resistant to borers, termites & warps. Not only is it bend resistant owing to its uniform thickness, it is bonded with melamine fortified urea formaldehyde synthetic adhesive, making it impenetrable & thus, resistant to harsh weather conditions. Be it partition walls, cupboards or doors, give your interiors the life span of our robust blockboard.


“Open Doors To Ply Story”

With a broad spectrum of aesthetics to pick from, make a grand entrance each time with our artisanal doors. It’s unfair to reduce our decorative doors to just ‘good looks’, it’s an amalgamation of durability, unparalleled strength & state-of-the-art production technique. Crafted with hand-picked seasoned wood & top notch veneers, our residential & commercial customers get to choose from our wide array of offerings – flush doors, veneer flush doors & panel moulded doors. Laced with glossy lamination & infestation proof preservatives, our fine Meghalaya wood is then sandwiched, slammed & knocked to perfection.