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Everything you need to know about Shuttering Plywood

Everything -you-need- to-know-about-Shuttering Plywood

Everything you need to know about Shuttering Plywood

Shuttering ply, also known as formwork plywood, is a type of plywood that is specifically designed for use in construction. It is used to form the molds or frameworks that support the concrete while it sets.

Advantages of Shuttering ply:

  1. High Strength: Shuttering ply is made of high-quality wood veneers and adhesives that make it strong, durable, and resistant to warping and bending. It can withstand the weight and pressure of concrete during pouring, thus ensuring that the structure maintains its shape and stability.
  2. Easy to Cut and Shape: Shuttering ply is easy to cut and shape, which makes it ideal for creating formwork for complex shapes and curves. It can also be easily drilled and nailed, which helps in faster installation and removal.
  3. Smooth Finish: Shuttering ply has a smooth and uniform surface finish, which ensures that the concrete surface is smooth and free from any marks or roughness. This is particularly important in structures where the concrete surface is visible, such as walls and columns.
  4. Reusable: Shuttering ply is designed to be reusable, which makes it a cost-effective option in the long run. It can be easily cleaned and stored for future use, thus reducing the need to purchase new formwork materials for each project.
  5. Resistant to Moisture: Shuttering ply is treated to be resistant to moisture, which helps to prevent swelling and warping due to exposure to water. This makes it suitable for use in wet environments or in areas with high humidity.


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