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Ply Story’s Film Face Shuttering Plywood Guide

Ply Story Plywood

Ply Story’s Film Face Shuttering Plywood Guide


  • Cleaning and oiling the surface which helps in increasing the shelf life of plywood
  • Use screws to fix shuttering plywood
  • Store it properly stacked under a shed
  • Care should be taken during transport to avoid scratches
  • Recoat it with mould oil before the next use
  • The edges of a board in pack shall be in a straight vertical line


  • Side screwing & nailing strictly prohibited
  • Don’t use the material without suitable mould oil
  • Don’t let the material fall down from a considerable height of the building
  • The plywood shall not be dragged over one another as this would scratch the surface
  • Don’t let the material to use without sealants at the cut edges
  • Don’t stack the material without proper drying

Read more about our shuttering plywood here at Ply Story!

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