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Ply Story’s Flush Door Plywood Handling & Installation Guide

Ply Story Flushdoor Plywood

Ply Story’s Flush Door Plywood Handling & Installation Guide


  • Store the doors horizontally on a surfaced level in a dry, well-ventilated building
  • Don’t drag the doors across one another and keep doors clean
  • Doors should not be subject to extreme or rapid changes in heat or humidity
  • Doors should not be installed until concrete floors, foundation, plaster, or drywall are cured
  • Before installation, all ends and edges must be sealed with an effective coating (eg: Silika Gel) to prevent excessive moisture absorption


  • Given that the rails and stiles measure 2.5″ to 3″ and are made of Meghalaya Pine, it is advisable to pre-bore to prevent splitting
  • Leave adequate clearance for width adjustments during the fitting
  • Exercise care when trimming doors to avoid compromising their structural integrity
  • For Solid Core Doors, utilize four hinges, aligning them in a straight line to prevent distortion
  • Ensure that jambs and stops are positioned squarely and vertically (plumb)
  • Immediately after cutting and fitting, seal all exposed surfaces and edges with a suitable sealant.
  • Position locks correctly according to specifications
  • Refrain from making grooves on the door surface
  • When screwing, pre-boring is necessary
  • To prevent warping, apply lamination, veneer, paints, or polish evenly on both sides using products with matching characteristics

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