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Plywood in the Most Unexpected Places

Ply Story Plywood

Plywood in the Most Unexpected Places

Plywood, usually thought of for construction and furniture, can be much more versatile than that!

Here are some unexpected places where you might find plywood:

  • Musical instruments: Some guitars, drums, and even ukuleles use plywood in their construction.
  • Jewelry and accessories: Earrings, brooches, and other accessories can be crafted from thin, laser-cut plywood.
  • Skateboards and longboards: The core of many skateboards and longboards is made from plywood.
  • Food packaging: Certain types of food boxes and crates are made from plywood for durability.
  • Toys and games: Playhouses, dollhouses, and even puzzles can be constructed from plywood.
  • Gardening and landscaping: Raised garden beds, planters, and trellises can be built with plywood.
  • Medical equipment: Plywood is used in some medical equipment like beds and examination tables due to its strength and ease of cleaning.

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