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Quick 12 Step Plywood Manufacturing Process

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Quick 12 Step Plywood Manufacturing Process

Step 1 – Log Sizing
We procure our logs from Meghalaya! Once done, they’re trimmed & sized… before they move on to the production line.

Step 2 – Debarking
Quality logs which are sized and trimmed rotate inside the debarking machine causing the bark to be removed.

Step 3 – Peeling of timber logs
Logs are carefully peeled off and converted into veneers. We handpick and grade these veneers to provide you with only the finest quality sheets.

Step 4 – Manual Chopping
Each veneer is then manually chopped to maintain consistency and attain a premium finish for the final product.

Step 5 – Drying
In this process, the veneers are heat treated in a mechanical drier to reduce moisture content by 5%. This process helps in uniform drying of the veneers to prevent any decay in the long run.

Step 6 – Assembly Line
Here, the wood panels are assembled and laid within a frame which helps create a base for plywood, blackboard, and flush doors. The veneers are glued to be placed on top of this frame before it goes for hot pressing.

Step 7 – Gluing
The veneer sheets are bonded with urea-formaldehyde synthetic adhesive which is made by the in-house team at Ply Story. This antifungal preservative makes it resistant to borer & termites. It further helps our products to be resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Step 8 – Hot Pressing
This is the part where the panels take shape when hot pressed at a temperature of 140 degree Celsius. The heated pressure makes the contact between the glue and veneers giving it shape. Following which, the veneers are left to cool down before further processing.

Step 9 – Sizing
At this stage, the plywood is trimmed to remove the rough edges with the use of an automated machinery and are cut in the required dimension.

Step 10 – Sanding & Calibration
The plywood here is given the final finish by removing marks of wood working and given uniform thickness on all sides of the ply.

Step 11 – Finishing
Plywood sheets and blockboard are fine tuned with final touch ups to get it ready for quality check and shipping.

Step 12 – Quality Check
Lastly, our products go through multiple levels of quality check and hammering is one of them to check the strength and durability of the products.

FINALLY, we ship the magic we craft for you at !

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